Amber Electricity

Amber is Australia's largest provider of wholesale electricity, their biggest challenge: communicating how their service works. Enter this one-page interactive lander.
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Amber Electricity
Feb 2023

The collaboration with Amber Electricity showcases our expertise in user experience design, user interface design, web development, and messaging. This case study dives into our journey from the complex realm of wholesale renewable energy to creating a clear, compelling narrative that not only answered critical questions but also significantly improved user retention and conversion rates.

The challenges

Amber Electricity was facing a daunting challenge as a competitor in the electricity industry, vying against national institutions like AGL and Origin. Their unique value proposition as a wholesale renewable energy provider was clouded by a lack of understanding among potential customers. Users were grappling with questions like, "How does it work?", "What do I get out of it?", and "How does it save the planet?" The core challenge was to communicate the dual benefit of saving money and the environment.


Early in our engagement with Amber Electricity, we pinpointed the central challenge: customers didn't fully grasp how wholesale renewable energy both saved them money and contributed to environmental conservation. Our strategic recommendations revolved around simplifying the company's technical manifesto to its core truths and focusing on the benefits most cherished by consumers: cost savings and environmental impact.

The cornerstone of our solution was a compelling hook: "Make the switch and save." This simple yet impactful phrase served as the catalyst for our primary interactive visual motif. "Making the switch" encompassed not only saving money but also driving the renewable energy revolution and increasing the demand for renewable forms of energy. It effectively cut out the middleman, offering wholesale prices directly to the consumer, a win-win situation. This approach distilled complex technical information into a straightforward and compelling narrative.

The outcome

The solution implemented by our team resulted in remarkable outcomes. Amber Electricity witnessed a remarkable +35% increase in user retention when compared to their existing campaign landing pages. Additionally, there was a significant +25% increase in conversion rates for the "Sign Up" call-to-action (CTA). These metrics signified a substantial improvement in conveying the unique value proposition of wholesale renewable energy.

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