Funded by Commonwealth Bank's investment branch x15Ventures, Payble is the world's first bill engagement platform.
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Mar 2023

In our dynamic digital landscape, the ability to distill the complexity of a product into a compelling and easily understandable value proposition is a critical success factor. Our work with Payble, a fintech disruptor, encapsulates our expertise in brand strategy, user experience design, and web development. This case study unveils the journey from intricate product offerings to a powerful brand strategy that not only attracted investors but also exceeded merchant and user targets.

The challenges

Payble faced the dual challenge of clarifying their multifaceted product offering for investors, merchants, and end-users while securing round 2 funding and achieving specific merchant and user targets. The crux of the issue lay in communicating the uniqueness of Payble in the bill payment space and distinguishing themselves from competitors in the payment processor industry. As a novel product with no direct comparisons, they needed a compelling way to articulate the value proposition.


Our journey with Payble commenced with a comprehensive strategy session. Together, we delved into the core challenges faced by Payble. At the heart of their struggle was the difficulty in effectively conveying what Payble was and why it mattered to users. Furthermore, Payble needed to carve out a visual identity that set them apart from competitors in the payment processing realm while staying true to their industry.

Our strategic approach revolved around placing the intended users at the epicenter of the product's value proposition. What problem did Payble solve for them? With this understanding, we developed a strategic framework for communication.

The result was a dynamic arsenal of taglines, headings, and succinct paragraphs that Payble could employ across their marketing collateral. These clear, compelling statements became the cornerstone of their ability to effectively communicate with their target users.

With a fresh style language in place, we turned our attention to Payble's website, a pivotal element of the user journey. The focus here was on storytelling, using each consumer page to narrate a unique user experience. To guide the user's journey, we crafted a visual motif that encouraged engagement. The website, built from the ground up using Webflow's development platform, granted Payble full control over updates and changes essential for their growth.

The outcome

The strategic and design initiatives we implemented yielded remarkable results. Payble secured an impressive $1.8 million in further funding, surpassing their expectations. Additionally, they not only reached but exceeded their target numbers for both merchants and users.

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"The project was centred on our needs and brief using creative tools and workshops to efficiently deliver an amazing product for us."

Jon White

Co-founder, Payble