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eSuite Talent was an eCommerce recruitment agency looking to improve their user experience and increase job board engagement.
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eSuite Talent
Jan 2023

At The Flow Lab, we approach every project as an opportunity to craft a unique digital narrative. One such narrative came to life when we collaborated with eSuite Talent for their website redesign. eSuite Talent, a multifaceted talent acquisition and development company, found that their Wordpress website was no longer reflective of their updated branding and was falling short in both user experience and SEO optimization. This case study takes you on a journey from identifying pain points to the final development phase, illustrating our capacity to offer bespoke solutions that address the complexities of a dynamic business environment.

eSuite Talent approached us with a unique set of challenges. They were grappling with the intricacies of catering to three distinct target audiences: brand owners seeking quality employees, job seekers aiming for the next big opportunity, and eCommerce professionals looking for skill-enhancing courses. The task at hand was to create a website that could seamlessly address the needs of each of these audiences without compromising the user experience.

The challenges

eSuite Talent's website was burdened with the formidable challenge of meeting the distinct requirements of multiple target audiences. Their existing platform had a disjointed user experience and was failing to serve brand owners, job seekers, and eCommerce professionals effectively. They needed a refined strategy that would create a cohesive and inclusive digital environment for all these user groups without overcomplicating the interface.

Adding to the complexity was the issue of poor SEO optimization. eSuite Talent had recently undergone a brand refresh, and their old Wordpress site simply didn't measure up in terms of either aesthetics or search engine performance. A holistic solution was required that would align with the new branding while also addressing the SEO concerns.


After an in-depth strategy session, we concluded that designing a website that tried to equally cater to multiple audiences would risk creating a convoluted user experience. The solution was to narrow our focus to one primary audience: job seekers. By zeroing in on this group, we could tailor every aspect of the site to cater to their specific actions and needs. Our design incorporated a color-coded dropdown navigation system that simplified the user journey, making it easy for job seekers to navigate through the website effortlessly.

On the design front, our team worked in close partnership with eSuite Talent to develop wireframes and create a modern, responsive design that was in line with their updated branding. The design phase was executed meticulously to ensure a seamless user interface, thereby elevating the overall user experience and matching it with eSuite Talent's elevated brand persona.

The outcome

The end product was a custom-built Webflow site that succeeded in offering a rich, yet simplified user experience. Our focused strategy ensured that job seekers could navigate the site with ease, aligning perfectly with eSuite Talent's objective of attracting top talent. Moreover, the Webflow platform offered the flexibility and customization needed to optimize the site for SEO, making it more discoverable and relevant.

From a technical standpoint, the site's performance metrics showed notable improvement, particularly in SEO rankings and mobile responsiveness. This stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality web design that not only looks good but also performs well across devices.

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"The Flow Lab was easy to work with and very open to our ideas and requests. They were quick to respond and always happy to answer my many questions."

Amy McCarthy

Marketing Manager, Esuite Talent